DCO Comment Attachment

DCO Comment Attachment allows your visitors to attach images, videos, audios, documents and other files with their comments. They will also be able to automatically embed links from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other services in the comment text.

With plugin you can:

You can also:

Attachments are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library and deleted along with the comment (if this is set in the settings).


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Type DCO Comment Attachment into the search form in the top-right of the screen.
  3. On the search results that appear, click the Install Now button next to the plugin title.
  4. Click Activate to activate the plugin.


After installing and activating the plugin, a new field for attaching an attachment will appear in the comment form.

When the user selects an attachment and post a comment, the selected attachment is displayed next to the comment text.

You can change or remove the attachment or add a new attachment on the comment editing screen in the admin panel.


You can also configure the plugin under Settings > DCO Comment Attachment.


Maximum upload file size. Using this option, you can limit the maximum upload attachment size for your site’s visitors. Set the value in megabytes.

Is attachment required. If checked, the user will not be able to post a comment without attaching an attachment.

Embed attachment. If checked, the plugin will try to embed the attachment as an image, audio or video. The list of supported types for embed is marked with an asterisk in the list of Allowed File Types.

Autoembed links in comment text. If checked and the user inserts links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the comment text they will be automatically turned into embedded content.

Attach to commented post. If checked, the attachment will be attach to the commented post and can be filtered with the WordPress “Uploaded to this post” option or used by other plugins.


Attachment image size. In this option you can select image size for attachments from thumbnails available in your WordPress install.

Link thumbnail to full-size image. If checked, clicking on the thumbnail will open a full-size image.

Multiple upload

Enable multiple upload. If checked, users will be able to upload multiple attachments at once.

Combine images to gallery. If checked, attached images will be combined to a gallery. Otherwise, the images will be displayed as a list.

Gallery image size. This option is similar to Attachment image size, but sets the size for images in the gallery.


Allowed File Types. In this list you can specify file types that your site’s visitors can upload. You can enable or disable all types in a group by clicking on its name.

Who can upload attachment. With this option, you can decide who can upload attachments: all users or only logged users.


Delete attachment when comment is deleted. If checked, the attachment will be deleted along with the comment, otherwise the attachment will be available in Media Library after the comment has been deleted.

Delete Attachment action on Edit Comments page. This option sets what happens if you click on the “Delete Attachment” link next to the comment on the Comments screen. The attachment file will either be permanently deleted from the site, or will only be unattached from the comment, but will remain available in the media library.